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At Multicom, we are committed to our products and committed to being able to fully support them. For this reason, we believe in specialising in a small number of products. This allows us to know our products extremely well because we can focus our knowledge and resources on fewer models. As a result, we are always up to date in terms of specialised product training and our staff achieve more experience working with each model. For many years we have sold and supported telephone systems from two major manufacturers. We are proud to be accredited channel partners with both NEC Australia and Samsung Communications.

NEC Australia Pty Ltd designs, develops, manufactures, sells & services a complete range of computer, communication and home electronics products.   These products and services are sold to national carriers, government bodies, businesses and the general public.  As well, NEC Australia takes part in joint venture projects with scientific research organisations, government and universities. A wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation Japan, NEC Australia employs over 1400 staff and has a network of sales offices across Australia and in Papua New Guinea.

The current NEC range is the Univerge SV8000 series. The Univerge SV8000 series provides leading edge solutions for businesses of all sizes. Capabilities include VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), voicemail, Univerge Contact Centre, IP-DECT cordless technology, as well as all the standard features that NEC products have provided over many years.
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Samsung's commitment to high quality products designed for Australian conditions has resulted in sales of over 70,000 Samsung telephone systems since 1989. In Australia, Samsung has been the supplier of the Telstra Commander product since 1989 and has been successfully supplying product under the Samsung brand since 1996. Samsung Business Telephone Systems are distributed throughout Australia by Samsung Communications and their "Samsung Partner Network" of which Multicom is a member.

The current Samsung range is the OfficeServ 7000 series. The OfficeServ 7000 series provides leading edge solutions for businesses of all sizes. Capabilities include VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), voicemail, SP-NET IP networking to any other OfficeServ system, as well as all the standard features common throughout all previous Samsung systems.
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Accessories - Everything you need to complete the telecommunications puzzle.

Analogue Handsets
For those areas where you don't require a full featured digital keyset, like the lunchroom, storeroom, kitchen, etc. We use and recommend the Leader range of handsets, from the Leader 1020 : a basic handset with data-port, ideal for motel rooms, to the Leader 1052HS which features 20 memories, headset input and speakerphone.

Cordless Handsets
When you need communications on the go you can't go past Uniden for cordless handsets in the workplace. Uniden have a cordless unit for almost every situation and budget. Options include Caller ID, built-in answering machines, headsets and more.

DECT Cordless Systems
As well as the integrated DECT solutions offered as options on our NEC and Samsung Telephone System Range, we also offer the Kirk DECT system. The Kirk system integrates to the telephone system and provides a cordless solution with features such as text messaging and the abilty to integrate with nurse call and paging systems. The Kirk 500 system caters for up to 8 handsets while the larger Kirk 1500 system can be expanded to 128 handsets.

No longer confined to use by the receptionist, headsets are becoming commonplace in many office situations from the filing room to the boardroom. Now also available is a range of cordless headsets to give you complete freedom around the workspace. At Multicom we can supply headsets to suit almost any brand of telephone on the market today. We use products from the Plantronics, Polaris and GN Netcomm ranges.

Call Accounting Software
CAAB-Ti Call Accounting software will give you the ability to analyse and disseminate your business telephony information in ways you never thought possible.  Whether you need reports by day, week, month, extension, trunk line, time of day, call destination or any other way, this is the software that can do it. CAAB-Ti is available in Business and Corporate modules and can also be used for hotel/motel applications where room costs need to be allocated.