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Multicom (QLD) PTY LTD

ABN 54 056 542 495

Proudly serving North Queensland since 1990

Multicom (QLD) Pty. Ltd. is a locally owned and operated business based in Townsville, North Queensland which has been operating since 1990. We specialise in the areas of voice & data networks; MATV cabling; and leading-edge pure-IP, hybrid and traditional telephone systems. We provide solutions - very large to very small - and will concept, design and deliver a solution to suit you and your business. Showroom

Telephone Systems and associated equipment
We believe that in order to provide the most professional communications solutions, our sales, technical and support staff must be 'specialists' on all equipment we sell. The best way to achieve this is to focus on specific products manufactured by one or two companies. With our proven relationships over many years with our exclusive telephony business partners – NEC and Samsung – you are rest assured that we know, support and believe in our products.

Voice & Data, MATV cabling
As certified structured cabling specialists for ADC Krone, Belden, Clipsal and Molex we are able to provide long term guarantees on our data cabling installations.

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